Website Development

We manage websites for a clients using a variety of web hosting providers. For those clients who need a new hosting solution or who are looking to start fresh, we recommend a variety of hosting options based on performance needs and budget.

Shared Hosting

TPI Websites

TPI Hosting

TPI Solutions hosting is similar to shared hosting environments offered by other hosting providers. When hosting on your servers, you get CPanel access/management, 5 email addresses, 5GB of space. What truly seperates our hosting solution is we provide regular plugin updates and limit the number of sites we host on each server to ensure best performance.

Custom Hosting Solutions

For clients who require more control over their environment and performance, we can help them design and implement a custom web hosting solution. We can build out a distributed wordpress enviornment for you, that includes a dedicated web server running only the web server and PHP, a managed database solution running on an Amazon RDS instance, and your media files stores in Amazon S3 buckets that are connected to the Amazon Cloudfront content delivey network.


Why This steup?

This environemnt provides numerous options to scale out as needed. If additional perofrmance is required, a more powerful virtual server can be enabled, and your volume simply connected to it to increase web server memory.

Whats more your assets are stored in backed up buckets, and database running on a dedicated instance ensures your

Want to Know About Our Hosting Solutions?

Contact TPI and our team can help you determine the best web hosting solution for your needs.